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Tervis Tumbler sizes explained | Lowest Prices Guaranteed

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March 19, 2009

Tervis Tumbler sizes explained

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I’m writing this to answer and explain one of the most common questions that I get: “What size Tervis Tumbler should I buy?” I think that I get this question so often because of a number of different reasons. Number one is that Tervis Tumbler’s make great gifts. Because of that, you’re often times not buying for yourself but for someone else – possibly even someone who you don’t know that well. Number two is that you’re new to the world of Tervis and you just want to know what the differences are and why there are so many choices. And finally the third reason why I think I get this question so often is because you want to make sure that you’re getting the best value. Let’s face it, Tervis Tumblers aren’t cheap (even at our prices which are the absolute lowest around). You want to make sure that you’re getting something that you can actually use.

I’ll provide my answers below…the way that I’ve set this up is that I will have three columns. In the first column I will show you a picture of the size that I’m talking about. The second column will give the Pro’s of that size and the third column will give the Con’s. Here we go…




10oz Tervis Tumbler

10oz Tervis Tumbler

  • Great for small hands
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Too small for many people
  • Because of it’s size it does not always sit well in car cup holders

12oz Tervis Tumbler

12oz Tervis Tumbler

  • Great for smaller hands
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Wider base means that it will fit snugly in most car cup holders
  • This 12oz size is the most popular size for liquor drinks
  • The shorter size will fit in many cabinets where the other sizes will not
  • Perfect for a juice glass
  • Does not hold enough for many people
  • The wider width makes this harder for some children to hold onto

16oz Tervis Tumbler

16oz Tervis Tumbler

  • The original and most popular size (if you’re giving Tervis Tumbler’s as a gift and don’t know what size to choose, get this one)
  • Slender and wide enough – this tumbler will fit perfectly in almost any car cupholder that I have ever tried
  • Not too wide – very easy to hold onto. It’s lightweight too
  • Too much drink for some people (especially children)

17oz Tervis Tumbler

17oz Tervis Tumbler

  • The handle makes this the most convenient Tervis Tumbler to hold onto
  • It’s not only for drinks – this 17oz mug is perfect for food too! Think soups, ice cream, chili’s – anything you can put into a bowl can be put into a 17oz Mug. And because of the insulating properties of these your food (or drink) will stay hotter (or colder) longer than in just a plain bowl
  • Because of the handle this will not fit into most car cup holders
  • The 17oz size is too much for some people

24oz Tervis Tumbler

24oz Tervis Tumbler

  • Holds 24oz – enough for almost a whole day. This is our best-selling size for teachers because they take a Tervis Tumbler and fill it with ice and their favorite drink and it is still cold at the end of the day
  • The base is still small enough to fit into any car cup holder that I have ever used
  • It’s also perfect for a bedside table – especially if you get really thirsty at night
  • When this is filled with ice and water some you might find that it gets to be pretty heavy.
  • Even though the base of this 24oz tumbler is close to the same size as the 16oz, the higher up the tumbler you go the wider it gets – and the harder it is for some people to hold onto.

Tervis Tumbler Ice Bucket

Tervis Tumbler Ice Bucket

OK, this really isn’t a tumbler, but while I was talking about the various sizes I thought that I should include this ice bucket too.

  • 2.5 L Size
  • Keeps ice cold all day long
  • Comes with serving tongs
  • Comes in a nice gift-box for easy gift giving
  • Hard to drink out of
  • Too big to fit into a standard cup holder
  • ???

There you have it – a thourough comparison of Tervis Tumbler sizes. If you’re coming to this page from google and don’t know what a Tervis Tumbler is, let me explain:

Tervis Tumbler is a brand of insulated tumblers that are made in America (and have been since 1946). Each tumbler (or cup) has two layers, and if you choose to you can have an emblem (or patch) placed between the two walls of the tumbler. Tervis has over 600 emblems to choose from – ranging from fun things like beach chairs to college logos to bride and groom patches. With over 600 designs to choose from you’re sure to find something that you like. There are a number of things that make Tervis Tumblers unique to other products though…they are all unconditionally guaranteed for life. Without a doubt, this is the number one factor that brings people back to the Tervis Tumbler brand over any others. If you have a Tervis Tumbler and it ever breaks in ANY way they will replace it completely free of charge – no questions asked and no receipts needed.

Also, because of the insulating properties of air, each Tervis Tumbler has these unique features:

  • Keeps hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder
  • Ring-preventing – using a Tervis Tumbler practically eliminates condensation – and as a result it also eliminates the white rings that other drinkware will leave on your table
  • Virtually unbreakable – Tervis Tumblers are made from ultra-strong polycarbonate – the same stuff used to make bullet-proof shields. And if it ever does break, they will replace it free of charge
  • Dishwasher safe – Every Tervis Tumbler is dishwasher safe for the ultimate in convenience
  • Microwave safe – Almost every Tervis Tumbler is microwave safe too. The only exceptions are a few patches that have metallic shavings in them, such as the flip-flops and a few other designs. The tumblers themselves stay cool to the touch though – which makes it great for heating up coffee, soup, or anything else you can think of.

One of the biggest objections that I get in response to Tervis Tumblers is the price. Our pricing for Tervis Tumblers start at $7.75 each for the 10oz size and goes up to $12.50 each for a licensed (collegiate) 24oz Big-T. No, they aren’t cheap, but they aren’t made cheap either. And they will last you a lifetime too – so they are well worth it. Tervis Tumblers are at home in any situation – from a dining room to the pool side. Wherever you are there is a Tervis Tumbler design to compliment your life.

ShopTomlinsons.com carries a full selection of Tervis Tumblers. Browse through our selections and if you don’t see what you’re looking for let us know and I’ll see if we can create something just for you (minimum order may apply to custom patches).

One last thing – you may be wondering why I chose the clear Tervis Tumblers to picture above if Tervis has over 600 designs to choose from. The answer is because that even with all 600 designs the best seller in the entire line has always been, and still is, the clear Tervis Tumbler.

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